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Savage Interactive Pty Ltd, the publisher behind many iOS app (procreate,Procreate Pocket), brings procreate with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. procreate app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Procreate might just be the most exciting digital painting app on a mobile device.
We’ve taken desktop performance, added professional features, built an amazing brush engine and squeezed it all into your iPad. Whether you’re madly sketching concepts or crafting a detailed illustration, Procreate has everything you need.


Having 8 quality brushes is nice – importing and creating your own brushes is even better. That’s a first for a mobile painting app. Procreate has been designed so you can create completely new brushes in a few easy steps. Simply choose a shape, find a texture and you`re done. You can import anything from your photo library and create endless brushes!


Procreate uses the advanced Silica™ painting engine which has been engineered exclusively for iPad, to use every drop of juice from the CPU and GPU. The result of which delivers unparalleled performance on a mobile device, from incredibly responsive brush strokes and 64-bit smudge sampling, to full brush customisation.

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These (and many more) important features take away the stress of digital painting, and let you enjoy being creative again. Feel at home with a familiar (HSB) colour picker, up to 16 layers, eyedropper, and a smudge tool that goes beyond its desktop counterparts.


Made for professional illustrators and aspiring artists alike, Procreate is your mobile art studio.


★ Desktop grade brushes and tools:
✓ Desktop grade paint engine, with amazing & precise brush strokes
✓ Completely customizable brush settings for each brush
✓ Smudge tool with advanced 64-bit colour calculations
✓ Eraser tools
✓ Duplicate brushes and modify
✓ Reorder brushes so your most used brushes are easily accessible
✓ Reset modified brushes to defaults


★ Custom brushes and tools:
✓ Import custom brushes allows you to create unlimited brush possibilities!
✓ Adjust shape & texture of brushes independently
✓ Realtime preview of adjustments
✓ Adjust texture movement
✓ Adjust texture scale
✓ Adjust texture zoom
✓ Adjust opacity speed (Fall-off)
✓ Adjust size speed
✓ Adjust spacing
✓ Adjust brush scatter
✓ Adjust shape rotation
✓ Adjust rotation scatter


★ Layers:
✓ Up to 16 Layers allowing ease of editing and control
✓ Create & delete new layers
✓ Duplicate Layers
✓ Merge Layers up, or down
✓ Instantly Reorder Layers
✓ Clear layer without deleting the entire layer
✓ Toggle visibility with just one tap
✓ Adjust Layer Opacity with live thumbnail preview
✓ Flood fill the Canvas with any colour


★ Full HSB Colours:
✓ Extra large colour chooser
✓ HSB sliders allow for precision colour picking
✓ Eye-dropper colour selection
✓ Tap and hold anywhere on the canvas to instantly pick a colour


★ Simple and efficient Interface
✓ Auto-save means you never loose work again
✓ Import images from Photo Library
✓ Two finger pan & zoom navigation with 3200% zoom
✓ Flip canvas horizontally and vertically
✓ Synthetic pressure sensitivity (brush fall-off)
✓ Synthetic reverse pressure sensitivity (brush pinch)
✓ Rapidly adjust the size of your brush, on the fly
✓ Rapidly adjust the opacity or pressure of your brush, on the fly
✓ Sketch in any device orientation
✓ Non-interpolated zoom, allows you to work with pixel precision
✓ 100 levels of undo and redo


★ Artwork browser:
✓ Name your artwork
✓ Duplicate your canvas
✓ Delete unwanted canvas`
✓ Store and view work-in-progress
✓ Export to your artwork to your Photo Library
✓ E-mail images to anyone
Savage Interactive Pty Ltd
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Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
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Customer Reviews

Fluid drawing for the flow

Dropbox support with my favorite and the best drawing app in the store equals high productivity and greater freedom. The new JotTouch support is also fantastic. less reason to use the Wacom on the desktop now. Keep up the great work Savage Interactive and I promise to keep pushing my craft!

Previous 1.6.2 review:
Procreate is the best drawing app on the iPad. I`ve tried nearly all of them...nothing else is as fast and natural to draw with as Procreate. The canvas rotation while drawing is worth it`s weight in gold. I draw everything in HD format and then sync over the layered .PSD`s and use AlienSkin Blow Up to generate 6K images with no quality loss. If you really want a sketchbook replacement, Procreate is the app for every aspiring artist and doodling junkie. Keep up the amazing work Savage Interactive. I love your app!

Wonderfully fun

Procreate is amazing! I`ve tried several art apps (Sketchbook Pro which is fun as well and has also has a lot of nice brushes, Inspire Pro which is great at color blending, Art Studio which has a lot of features and is comparable to photoshop, Art Rage which is nice for its traditional-looking art tools, and Sketch Club which has a cool art community easily accessible from within the app) but Procreate is my absolute favorite.

The brushes that come with it are very fast and responsive and the ability to make custom brushes opens a lot of creative possibilities. The fact that they can now be named and organized, really adds to it. Color blending feels natural and the different layer blend modes allow for a lot of effects. The app itself is very elegant, with an intuitive, easy to learn interphase and the most beautiful gallery I`ve seen in any art app.

To be honest, I prefer Procreate over even art applications on my laptop. It`s got enough features to make very nice drawings and is a lot more fun to use.

Simply The Best...

I`ve been a long time user of this app, and that`s not going to change anytime soon. Hands-down, simply the most intuitive, fast, most advanced art app in the store coupled with a top notch development team... SI. Savage Interactive continues to answer the call of the end user, so this update is no exception. The Jot Touch support update is awesome, and with this app... in a league of its own!

Procreate continues to push the bounds of creativity for the IPad, and now with the addition of better compatibility for Pressure Sensitive Stylus`s like the Jot Touch... artists should really take another serious look at this app and see why it is chosen over the competition!

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